Flow State

According to Psychology Today, Flow State is this: "Flow is a cognitive state where one is completely immersed in an activity—from painting and writing to prayer and surfboarding. It involves intense focus, creative engagement, and the loss of awareness of time and self."

There's nothing better than being in a flow state. That sweet spot you get to when creating where you're "in the flow" and nothing else exists around you except the place you are in the painting. No outside thoughts, no distractions, just painting. For me it's feeling the way the paint moves on the surface, getting lost in the colors, for me the neutrals, in this one slight shades of blue from the sky, slight shades of green for the flora, slight shades of muted down ochre for the earth. There's just no better place to be than this flow state, well...except for actually being out in nature which I'm absolutely dying to be right now. Until then, I'll create my own.


To read more interesting information on Flow State from Psychology Today you can follow this link at:  Flow | Psychology Today

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